Mesh for grabbing skunks

Posted by: Grapes

Mesh for grabbing skunks - 02/26/19 06:15 AM

I'm just wondering why all these creatures find my roof as heaven to live! In the beginning, our home cover and attic were occupied with a raccoon family. We only realized their presents after weeks. The pace was a mess, full of biohazardous waste produced by raccoons! I felt things are getting out of hand and I called a nearby raccoon removal services and they resolved the problem at the earliest. Ever since then we haven't encountered any raccoon issues! I can't even recollect the days I spent in cleaning!!
Last night, there were some noises in the attic, so I just went there to find what is it, I found a skunk. I hope there is only one, so instead of calling pros I'm planning to create a net trap for grabbing it! Like I think a mesh made of wires and metals can trap them so that I can relocate them to somewhere long. I need a cool idea for creating traps ASAP. Any recommendations??