Fans in Los Angeles believe Goff could be their quarterback, though coach Jeff Fisher has kept this year's top pick on the Rams' bench. Gannon credits Fisher both for knowing his quarterback and all the pieces the Rams don't have just yet to help Goff.
"You think for a second Jeff Fisher,Cheap NFL Jerseys Store, who hasn't had a winning team in a while,Air Max Outlet Online Italia, would just sit there and go,World Baseball Classic Jerseys, 'We're going to go 6-10 or 7-9 whatever,NFL Jerseys From China, it is just because we want to be safe?'" Gannon said. "He's going to put his best guy who gives him the best chance to win. The best guy right now is Case Keenum. It may not be the sexiest thing,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, but believe me, their problems are a lot more extensive than the quarterback position."
"I'm glad he's our quarterback. There's no question about it,Byron Scott Jersey," Titans coach Mike Mularkey said.