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Even though Doctson isn't in the mix early in training camp, getting him better is a long-term game plan,Adidas Outlet Australia Sale, especially considering that DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon are free agents after next season. But with all the chatter about higher expectations coming off an NFC East title, the Redskins would like to get Doctson ready for the season opener Sept. 12 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
It has already been a rough road to the NFL for Doctson,Asics Clearance Shoes Australia, who missed the final three games of his collegiate career at TCU,Air Max a Vendre En Belgique, including the Alamo Bowl,Patriots Super Bowl 53 Jersey, with a broken wrist. When he fell to 22,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, the Redskins took him and envision him as a big piece of their future offense.