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Main Machine Part:
● The frame is welded with standard 100100, 10050, 10# and steel plates.The whole steel plate is laid on the bottom of the machine to improve the stability of the whole machine.
● Mold movement ( Closed / Open) adopts Servo Linkage control system, Servo motor 15KW Japan Yaskawa brand, which is durable and stable. Reduction motor adopts 107 model OUMAITE brand. No need to adjust machine travel only set data is ok.
● Main Pneumatic components use Japan SMC original solenoid valve,it is more stable.
● Feeding device adopts 4.4KW Yaskawa brand,Japan to control, ensure feeding stable and precision.
● Plug adopts 7.5 kw Yaskawa brand,Japan. Plug structure is single rack,compare to ball screw,it is more stable and high cost.
● The lubrication system adopts automatic lubrication device, positive displacement oil, stable and efficient, and can be monitored in real time.
● The chain adopts combined structure,with cooling device, the width can
be automatic adjust.
● Heating system: Adopts Jiangsu brand infrared heater 800W.Stainless up
Down heating. Upper 1014, Down 1013.Heating oven can go in/ out.
● Air source filter adopts triad air source filter air flow size adjustable
● 4 guide pillar Φ 80 mm.It is made of 45 # steel after tempering after fine grinding hard chromium plating surface
Leftover material rewinder
Automatic rewinder device 1 set
Auto loader
● Reduction drive:0.55 KW motor 1 Set
● Peumatic pressure: Air cylinder SC50 X 25 2 Sets
● Pneumatic feeder: Air cylinder SU80 X 400 2 Sets
● Photoelectric sensor: FOTEK,TAIWAN
Electrical control cabinet
1.Whole control system 1 set
3.Temperature controller: Azbil brand,Regulating module: Xiamen Daodian
4.Proximity switch:SCHNEIDER,FRANCE. Intermediate relay,Contactor,Button Switch adopts Schneider
5.Ammeter,Votage,K thermocouple adopt famous domestic brands
Servo structure:
Servo clamp15kw Yaskawa,Japan
Reduction gears:GKAB107
Servo Plugmotor:7.5kw Yaskawa,Japan
Reduction gears:GKBF77
Servo Feed4.4kw Yaskawa,Japan
Main pneumatic components
Forming valveVG342-5G-10A2setsSMC
Blow valveVXD2140-04-5G11set
Cooling valveVXD2140-04-5G11set
Main Technical Parameter:
Suitable materialPP PS PET HIPS
Mold table size1345* 450 mm
Forming area850450mm
Working travel260mm
Forming speed10-30cycle/min
Total power≤120kw
Total WeightAbout 7T
Sample:Big plastic cup

Longer heating zone
Japan Azbil Temperature controller
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