If youíre looking to get involved in some international cannabis discussions, there are a few cannabis events that stand out. Even if you canít make it to the bigger events when traveling abroad, thereís usually a cannabis event happening somewhere in most pro-cannabis places. So, spark up a conversation with a local about how to get involved - experiencing another countryís cannabis celebrations can be an unforgettable memory!

International Cannabis Business Conference

The ICBC makes stops all over the world including cities like Barcelona, Zurich, and San Francisco. The events can take one or multiple days and offer insightful panels and discussions, exposition halls, and the chance to connect with industry professionals from around the world. really cheap glass pipes

Spannabis is a long-running event in Barcelona, Spain that is now associated with ICBC Barcelona. Itís a massive, multi-day cannabis event where attendees can socialize, interact with the top cannabis businesses from around the world, and possibly leave with a pocket full of seeds.

ExpoCannaBiz (Colombia) cheap wholesale glass pipes

The ExpoCannaBiz makes the list not only because of the high-profile speakers and panels, but also because of the significance of a cannabis expo happening in this country. Remember that Colombia has a dark history as a result of the War on Drugs.

The Hidden Hippie Trails Throughout the World $5 bong

Despite the number of awesome cannabis destinations and the great expos and conferences throughout the world, there are still some hidden hippie trails that you might consider wandering. However, remember that these hippie trails are less traveled because they are infinitely more dangerous, and you could end up behind bars in a foreign country if you decide to peruse them.

If you find yourself south of the Mediterranean Sea, you might be able to find some of the best hash in the world in Morocco. Itís all handmade and the region is thought to be the home of hashish culture. Just remember to be careful if you decide to take a less traveled hippie trail. If you want to stay safe, stay on the path through places like Barcelona and Amsterdam. Happy travels!