There are a lot of articles and video articles about dyeing synthetic wigs, and there are steps to dyeing hair, which many wig wearers are imitating.Our advice is that your synthetic wigs should not be dyed.
Here's why we don't recommend dyeing synthetic wigs:
Since synthetic wigs have been extensively treated, they have come to resemble a fabric, color, or pattern.In addition, most hair dyes contain ammonia or bleach, which can react and damage your wig, leaving it dry, dark and rough, and with shorter life.
One of the biggest consequences of dyeing your hair is that it's not as good as you might expect.Have you tried dyeing your hair at home?Maybe the end result is a bad color.After a bad DIY experience, almost smoke-choked, you may not get a good result at all.
You get an irreversible color.If your color attempts don't work, or your aesthetic changes, you need to know that you can't change color or texture.
Synthetic wigs come in many colors and styles, and if your attempts at color don't succeed, it's easy to find the one you want, so don't risk damaging your wig by dyeing it.
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