Ivan Alvarado, a Reuters photographer based in Chile
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who documented the scene from a nearby rooftop, said the flames spread quickly.

"The officers were trying to put them out with their hands," he said.

Chile's Interior Minister Gonzalo Blumel visited the women in hospital on Monday evening and denounced the attack as "pure violence ... nothing to do with the legitimate demands of citizens."

"It was a violent, cowardly aggression against two police Newport Pleasure officers who were working to protect the safety of our compatriots," he said.Henry Romero, a Reuters photographer usually based in Mexico who was also on the scene in Santiago, said the incident sparked an immediate response from police.

"From that moment things intensified, the police began to use a lot of gas and rubber bullets, the noise of the repeated fire was loud," he said.

A police source, who asked not to be named, said officers in the square followed standard operating procedure, deploying first water cannons, then tear gas. He said rubber bullets were only used in Newport 100s Box instances of "imminent danger" to police officers. "Control of public order is very complex," he said.

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