Sholay is considered a land mark in Indian film industry. Now when the news that a film starring the famous Jai Veeru pair is starting spread like a wild fire Authentic Josh Oliver Jersey , everybody rushed to the leading lady Veena Mallik to get her views.

Veena says” well I would love to work with the legend Amitabh Bachchan. Infact he is my idol. I have grown watching his films and will marry someone like him only.” Then she laughs and says, “I have signed a great female oriented film and yes Dharamji is very much a part of the film. But as for Mr. Bachchan, he is still not in the project. But of course we would love to have him on board. I think this news has been the brain child of the director Manoj kumar who has taken the film very seriously!”

And to add to the spice to the already spiced up film (what do you expect from a Veena Mallik film!) The name of the film is’ Rajni ki lag gai’ so now we have the legend Rajnikanth associated with the film, who knows!!!

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鈥淣o one can control the aging process or the trajectory of illness.鈥?Gail Sheehy

The above quote by the eminent American author speaks volumes about the inevitability of aging. Many people across the world take care of their aging parents on a daily basis. In America, with the rise in life expectancy, many of these caregivers are old adults. They find it challenging to take care of their elderly parents when they have to be also watchful about their own health. Some even quit their lucrative job and start working part-time to have more time for fulfilling their caregiving responsibilities. So, if you are a caregiver Authentic Jalen Ramsey Jersey , here are the top five tips that can help you in taking care of your elderly parents.

Try to understand the needs

To begin your caregiving journey, you have to first develop a clear understanding of your parent's needs. Do they need your assistance in their basic hygiene activities like brushing, bathing, and so on? Do they have mobility issues? Creating a list of all their needs throughout the day time will help you to schedule your own work accordingly. It may be tough to know about all these at the beginning of your caregiving journey Authentic Telvin Smith Jersey , but after a week of caregiving, things will become easier.

Be realistic about your role

Set realistic goals because it is not a wise idea to neglect your own health, especially when you are a caregiver to your elderly parents. Think about whether you can help them in all the tasks or you need someone for help. You can also hire a professional caregiver for weekends or can ask a family member to take care of them when you are away at work.

Don鈥檛 hesitate to ask help

Most people hesitate to ask help from friends, siblings or other family members. They overburden themselves as a caregiver which is not the best approach. If you are a caregiver for your aging parents Authentic Nick Foles Jersey , you can always ask your loved ones to help you in daily chores like grocery shopping, refilling prescriptions, cleaning or laundry so that you can have some time for self-care. Try to divi. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China Free Shipping Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap Nike NBA Shirts Wholesale Shirts Free Shipping Cheap T-shirts Free Shipping Cheap Hoddies Wholesale Cheap NCAA Hoddies