WonderGlo Essential Serum The fact that your skin is hypersensitive indicates an irritation, feeling of tightness, severe redness and peeling. Anything can cause similar reactions: new cosmetics (even very high-quality ones), long presence in the sun or frost, strong wind and many other factors. So, if you have sensitive skin, the most important thing is to choose the right care products with the utmost care and not to experiment with cosmetics in any way! It should be noted that in this case there is simply no universal panacea - care must be selected individually and very carefully. The first stage - cleansing a daily cleansing ritual is absolutely necessary for any type of skin. As for skin sensitive, cosmetologists especially recommend washing in the morning with mineral or filtered water, and in the evenings, use only gentle milk to remove makeup. From the use of a variety of gels for washing, and even more soaps should be avoided. The second stage - toning when choosing a tonic lotion for sensitive skin, remember the main rule: no alcohol compositions! Use only soft means, preferably - proven brands. By the way, you can make a tonic at home, for example, from cucumber and lemon juice with the addition of glycerin. The third stage - moisturizing Of course, a modern girl cannot do without day and night cream. For sensitive skin, choose the lightest day cream with ultraviolet protection. As for the night, it should, first of all, have a regenerating (healing) effect. And most importantly, for the most part the ingredients in the composition of this cream should be natural. Additional care - face masks the best help for sensitive skin is a well-chosen cosmetic mask. And best of all, cooked at home. However, we must remember that cosmetologists recommend very carefully to the choice of ingredients for home cosmetics. For example, you can add honey to a mask only if you are not allergic to it.