Granite Male Enhancement However, the former singer does not conceal jealousy of her handsome husband. Granite Male Enhancement in the intercession she demanded that David cannot talk to the newly met woman for more than 10 minutes. The intercision of Michael Douglas Granite Male Enhancement Catherine Zeta-Jones also went down in history . The actor confessed to sexoholism. Catehrina agreed to marry him despite the addiction, provided that he would be absolutely faithful. For a leap, he will have to pay his wife 1.7 million pounds. In Poland, intercyza concerns only property matters, i.e. limiting, expanding or restoring property. But this does not mean that future spouses cannot conclude a contract regarding e.g. the consequences of possible betrayal. To this end, a civil contract must be drawn up, which gives more scope to show off. If both parties agree to sign such a document, then you can include in it whatever your heart desires. However, it should be remembered that this cannot be contrary to the law in force in Poland. Granite Male Enhancement so the court is unlikely to consider the provisions regarding the right to abuse a spouse, because violence is a crime in our country. But you can already agree on the consequences of possible betrayal. Tomasz Lubert (musician from the band Dody) Granite Male Enhancement his wife Ewa Wojtasik have apparently taken advantage of this opportunity. In addition to property Granite Male Enhancement separation, they determined that Lubert could not succumb to the charms of many fans. He will have to pay PLN 50-100 thousand for treason.